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Westerners Join Terror Networks

August 27, 2014
Fmr. CIA analyst Tara Maller says western ISIS members "have typical normal childhoods" before "something goes wrong."

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Re-Establishing the Status Quo | CTV

August 26, 2014
The New America Foundation's Lisa Goldman says despite a "long-term" truce being reached, neither side has long-term solutions.

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Public Support for Israel Is Eroding in the U.S. | Ian Masters Background Briefing

August 26, 2014
Lisa Goldman, the director of the Israel-Palestine Initiative at the New America Foundation and the co-founder and contributing editor to, a progressive digital magazine based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, discusses recent polling by Gallup that finds only one quarter of Americans under the age of thirty thought Israel’s actions in Gaza were justified.

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Militancy in Pakistan and Impacts on U.S. Foreign Policy

  • By Saba Imtiaz
August 25, 2014
The state of internal security in Pakistan is a potentially disruptive factor for the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. Even if there is no threat posed to the U.S. and/or American interests by Pakistan-based militant groups, the United States is concerned by the rise of religious militancy in Pakistan and the risks it poses to the state, to its ability to govern effectively, and the toll it is taking on the civilian population. 

Now ISIS has drones? | CNN

  • By
  • Peter Bergen,
  • Emily Schneider,
  • New America Foundation
August 25, 2014 |
In a video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday purportedly by the terrorist group ISIS, various scenes of jihadist propaganda flash across the screen: militants reading verses from the Quran and examining a map of northern Syria, clips of violent clashes and explosions.
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