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Terminators to Tripoli | Slate

April 22, 2011

Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann analyzed the first six years of the drone campaign in Pakistan in a 2010 New America Foundation paper. They updated their assessment four months ago in Foreign Policy. Bill Roggio and Alexander Mayer calculate a ...

U.S. Drones: Lessons for Libya from Pakistan | Channel 4

April 22, 2011

The foundation's director Peter Bergen told Channel 4 News earlier this year that most victims of the attacks are low level militants. "So the question is, do those people really represent a threat to the United States or its allies, and in my opinion, ...

Oscar Nominee, Another Photographer Killed in Libya | CNN

April 20, 2011

CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen described Hetherington as humble, modest and a gentleman capable of taking gritty photos of combat. " 'Restrepo' was a labor of love for Tim. He had a great deal of empathy for the young soldiers he documented ...

Philanthropy Reconsidered | The Express Tribune

April 18, 2011

... showing Taliban captors whom he claimed to have “befriended”, were actually tribesmen in Waziristan who had been his hosts and escorts — including a well-respected research analyst who has even authored reports for the New America Foundation. ...

How CIA Spies Deal Death from the Skies: Thousands Killed by U.S. Unmanned Drones | Daily Mail

April 16, 2011

In the beginning, according to a regularly updated survey by the Democratinclined New America Foundation, they were also relatively rare: a total of just nine strikes over the period 2004-2007, with estimates as to the number killed ranging between 89 ...

TSA Security Looks at People Who Complain About ... TSA Security | CNN International

April 15, 2011

"I think the idea that they would try to draw attention to themselves by being arrogant at airport security, it fails the common sense test," said CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen. "And it also fails what we know about their behaviors in the ...

Drone Strike Aggravates US-Pakistan Tension | McClatchy Newspapers

April 13, 2011

After a record year in 2010 during which the US conducted 118 drone attacks aimed at suspected terrorists, there have been just 22 so far this year, according to a tally kept by the New America Foundation, an independent research organization based in ...

Drones vs. Raymond Davis: Why Pakistan Should Prefer CIA Missiles To CIA Agents. | Slate

April 13, 2011

Two months ago, at a forum convened by the New America Foundation, Peter Bergen, the director of NAF's National Security Studies Program, conceded that the drones' civilian casualty rate had declined from 25 to 5 percent. ...

The CIA's Pakistan Endgame | The Diplomat

April 12, 2011

Analysis by the New America Foundation, which has looked at the drone attacks since 2004, shows that most strikes have taken place in Northern Waziristan, an area that Washington has pleaded with Zardari to increase Pakistan's military presence in. ...

CIA, Pakistan Look To Repair Widening Rift | Washington Post

April 12, 2011

The New America Foundation, an independent organization that tracks the drone campaign, estimates that the attack killed at least 11 militants and civilians. US officials insist that no civilians were killed.

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